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accessability check

Online tool checks page accessibility, displays page with tags to show good and bad points. ‎ WAVE Chrome Extension · ‎ About and Terms of Use · ‎ WAVE Help · ‎ WAVE API.
Automatic website accessibility checker: test WCAG 2 and Section 508 on Mac, Windows and Cloud. Try now - free online demo.
Worried about the health of your website? Use our online Accessibility Check to find out how your web page measures up against common accessibility.
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AFTER EFFECTS 2014 Whilst it may not be the most user friendly access tool, it can be sufficient to help most designers and developers clean up their sites. Before We Begin — A Warning. Moreover, since accessibility is a subset of usability, accessability check, these tools should only be used to evaluate accessibility and not usability since, at best, they can only show you shockwave company your site is not accessible. Accessability check let you know that, even though people with disabilities can understand the content, it could be better organized or presented to improve their experience. I use that more than anything.
accessability check Information on this page is provided by vendors and others, accessability check. Before We Begin — A Warning. The Accessibility Checker tool finds accessibility issues in your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. How Can Your Site Get into Google Answer Boxes? The Accessibility Checker task pane appears next to your content and shows the inspection results.