Accessibility checker

accessibility checker

See how to use the Accessibility Checker to check for issues that might make it difficult for people with disabilities to read or use your Office file.
Worried about the health of your website? Use our online Accessibility Check to find out how your web page measures up against common accessibility.
Automatic website accessibility checker: test WCAG 2 and Section 508 on Mac, Windows and Cloud. Try now - free online demo.

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Best of luck and thanks for your comment. Indeed, I have encountered a number of posts that mention the Firefox Accessibility Extension and the Web Accessibility Toolbar for IE and Opera so there was no use in listing them again here. Make your PowerPoint presentations accessible. Scanning Password Protected Sites. UsabilityGeek is Two Today! Ensure accessibility in content creation with no effort. The list is not a review of evaluation tools, nor a complete or definitive list of all tools.

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UPDATE CHROME?TRACKID=SP-006 It is very important to keep in mind that to date, no web site evaluation tool has been developed that can completely replace accessibility checker human being. Paste from clipboard complete HTML source:. Evaluate your web site against accessibility guidelines. Tips let you know that, even though people with disabilities can understand the content, it could be better organized or presented to improve their experience. Ready to Get Started? UsabilityGeek is an Approved Educational Partner of the Interaction Design Foundation IDF - the world's largest UX Design learning community, accessibility checker.
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