Acrobat no pages selected to print

acrobat no pages selected to print

Adobe XI: I'm getting an Adobe Reader error when printing says "The document could not be printed " I select OK then it says, "There were no pages selected.
my PDF won't print, I'm getting the error message, " no pages selected " when pages are selected. I have tried all three options. Print all. Print t.
I've upgraded from 10 to and this error persists. Error: The document could not be printed. press ok, then There were no pages selected. Generally older PDFs print OK but some newer ones crash Windows print spooler. I had to do a screen print then paste to paint and print the screen shot. You can now open that new file and Print! Visit Adobe Acrobat on YouTube. Adobe is looking for help in debugging this problem. acrobat no pages selected to print

Acrobat no pages selected to print - computing

Highlight the file and right-click on it. I am doing the printer settings as I do on other documents which print OK. Seem the only way around it for now. After much digging for the last hours. Right-click the printer you are attempting to print to. When the print window comes up, try to check where marked you can set the pages numbers to whatever you like. Tips for Printing PDF Documents: More Than One Page per Sheet