Adobe acrobat 9 update

adobe acrobat 9 update

However, when I opened Acrobat and clicked on Help } Check for Updates, I received Keep in mind that "support for Adobe Reader 9.x and Adobe Acrobat 9.x.
Due to a computer malfunction I had to reload my Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro software which I originally loaded in Feb 2009 and I need to get the updates.
Includes tutorials and videos about all you can do with Acrobat 9. LiveDocs Help on the web provides the complete Help content with updates and additions.
Peg, thanks for the update. Live Demo Free Edition Download Now. Your browser settings indicate: JavaScript is disabled. K with space followingM with space followingMA, MB, Getflashplayer The information is provided "As Is" without warranty of any kind. Please specify a reason:.

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Does someone out there know, what the difference is between those three versions? Desktop Central is NOT endorsed by the vendors of the software products. While I am waiting for moderation to clear my posts I have discovered that on the initial set up window I have the choice of the English Internation or the English US Language Pack. I will burn the updates to DVD for future experiments. After several tries on and off through the day, I gave up and reset my clock to the correct date. What a pain, but this is so very helpful.