Enterprise purchase

enterprise purchase

Whether you're starting out with a handful of employees or are already established with more, the DJI Enterprise Purchase Program makes it easy for you to bulk.
Thank you for your interest in purchasing Code Dx Enterprise. We need to speak with you to better understand your needs in depth, so we can properly.
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Enterprise purchase - answers vary

To place an order, please use your business email address to register a DJI account. These calculators are for educational purposes only. Sorry, we were not able to find your location. Find an Enterprise Car. You agree that as enterprise customer, all the products you purchase at DJI Store will be used within the enterprise, and not for resell purpose. What brand and model do you purchase? Price and fees vary by geography and time of price comparisons. DJI shall reserve the right to decline or cancel an order, or supply less than the pre-ordered quantity at any time, based on the actual supply situation. Looking for a long-term car solution? Proceed to enterprise purchase, enter your coupon code and make your payment by bank transfer. For compatible devices: avgoclub.com. enterprise purchase