Adobe air distribution

adobe air distribution

The Problem How to create your own installer for an Adobe AIR Application and distribute it using offline channels (CD/DVD/LAN) The Solution.
Distribute Adobe® AIR® Runtime. The Adobe AIR Runtime is available for limited distribution under special license. The license includes distribution within a.
The Adobe® AIR® runtime lets enterprises use web technologies like JavaScript, Adobe Flash®, and Apply for Adobe AIR Distribution License Agreement ›. adobe air distribution Apache Flex® and Adobe® AIR® with IntelliJ IDEA
On the Windows Installer page, click Import and browse to the AIR file, which is found in the bundled install files you downloaded from Adobe. Get started or learn new ways to work. This section covers the main steps in installing the AIR runtime and an AIR application using Tivoli Provisioning Manager Express for Software Distribution TPMXincluding the creation of packages, distribution lists, and schedules, adobe air distribution. Martin Uri Hello, I have updated the article and added a sample InstallJammer Project file. Setting package install options. Click the Data Source tab and specify the source directory.