Adobe project comet

adobe project comet

Adobe is on a mission to make life easier for designers, and its latest undertaking on that front is something it calls Project Comet.
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I asked three of our designers to share what it's like to make Project Comet a reality, as they're getting the license to play, rethink, and truly. Looks promising, but it needs Bohemian Sketchs features like custom grid, multiple export, css export border-radius, shadows, gradients and so on. We expect to have it running in Comet next year, adobe project comet. We are a company of pioneers. Project Comet needed to happen, really if they wanted to compete with Sketch anyway. Since it is external, I should be able to share those with PS, Ai etc also. It was a treat to see her, as Carmen is based in our offices in Bucharest, Romania and was in town for a design conference.