Quarkxpress and adobe indesign are examples of

quarkxpress and adobe indesign are examples of

Previous; 1 (current);». QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign are examples of ______ software. video editing. image editing. word processing. desktop publishing.
Even though Adobe claims that InDesign opens QuarkXPress documents, On the other hand, some interface issues baffle me–for example.
What did QuarkXPress do—or fail to do—that saw its complete dominance of desktop That was the year that Adobe's InDesign 1.0 hit the market. . You could change multiple items (stroke color/value, for example) at once. quarkxpress and adobe indesign are examples of

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However, the kerning tables in Quark are nice to have for my exotic purposes at least. Second, you can't stick with a program simply out of inertia. What InDesign does it does superbly. As much as my InDesign-loving friend Deke would like you to believe this one, it unfortunately just ain't true. Thanks to easy-to-understand, flexible policies and SD Advisors to help. Flag This Answer As Incorrect.