Test my adobe flash player

test my adobe flash player

Find out if Adobe Flash is installed in your web browser. YouTube's video player is built in Flash (and they offer a fallback for Apple mobile devices). Flash is.
This page will show you if you have Javascript enabled, if Flash player is installed, and what version of Flash player you have. This page improves on Geoff Stearns' flash test page at avgoclub.com Adobe Flash download page.
Adobe offers a utility that you may use to check if Flash Player is You will also like our How do I update Flash Player on my computer? article. How To Install Adobe Flash Player in Ubuntu Linux! Europe, Middle East and Africa. Language: Arabic Azerbaijani Catalan Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Farsi French German Hungarian Italian Norwegian Portuguese-br Portuguese-pt Russian Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukranian. Please let me know if you run into anything. The Adobe Reader and the Flash player browser plugin are updated in. No changes on OS X, Linux. Congratulations, your computer has the latest Flash Player beta version installed. FLASH HISTORY from Adobe last updated Nov. test my adobe flash player