- An implementation of OpenGL for that can run inside Flash Player 11+.
Leading Game Studio Adds New 3D Flash Technology to Its Development Platform; Zombie Tycoon " Stage 3D.
So you want to build some crazy next-gen 3D graphics in the browser? Right now there are 2 good options available: Flash 11's. stage3d

Stage3d - the reason

Middle East and North Africa - English. By writing little programs that affect how vertices are transformed and modified Vertex Shaders and how triangle pixel colors are rendered Fragment Shaders it is now possible to create amazing effects that could not be rendered before. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. Choose your region Close. This process, although smartly coded within the engine, was extremely slow. Stage3D action game prototype

Stage3d - 2012     Better

But it also means that the application must be tuned and tested for several different pieces of hardware. And with the wide range of speed of the actually supported hardware a performance scaling solution is a good idea anyway so might be stretched to do something usefull in software mode. Returns the string representation of the specified object. GPU device is lost. Software rendering is available only for.