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trust pdf document

You may be viewing this page because you clicked the Help button in a security warning. Just like a smoke alarm, Adobe Reader and Acrobat can only detect a potential risk. Acrobat or Adobe Reader continues to block the suspicious content or actions.
The Trust Manager hive does not appear in the registry until the user settings in Trust Manager, and certificate trust settings for certified documents . trusted PDF's parity with privileged locations is that this level of trust does.
where can I find the trust manager settings. I need to adjust For Windows: Edit > Preferences > Trust Manager For Mac: Acrobat > Preferences > Trust Manager.

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Add File : A file is defined by a path, so its security settings will be invalid if that file is moved. The enhanced security feature is designed to limit document behaviors in workflows where those behaviors are perceived as a vulnerability or security risk. Stores certificate OIDs with that should be trusted to bypass security restrictions in certified documents. Choosing Trust sites from my Win OS security zones extends trust to files when PV is set to Potentially unsafe locations. PV restrictions can be overridden via privileged locations.

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How to Validate a Signed PDF The setting is off by default. For example, but not This feature allows administrators to control what users can trust. This bug is fixed in the Wizard DC. For details about setting up trust for cross domain access other than via privileged locations, see Cross Domain Configuration.